The information below are the instructions on how to access and use the Umpire Matching Platform (UMP) website.

The UMP website address is

With the help from the Southern California Tennis Umpires Association (SCTUA), and in cooperation with the USTA, and SCTA, a website has been developed for exclusive use by all USTA officials.

If you have any problems with UMP, contact Jim Flood at If you have an immediate problem, you can call him at (310) 542-3789 (best time is after 6:00 PM PST, or weekends, when his cell phone minutes are plentiful). Call anytime if your carrier is SPRINT.


UMP is designed to help officials locate events needing officials, get detailed information about the events, apply to work events, and be assigned to work events, all online. You can also apply to work events for which you have received Invitations from UMP. You do NOT have to have an ‘Invitation’ to find events and apply to work them, unless it is ‘Invitation Only’ (IO). Likewise, an Invitation is NOT an assignment, but rather a request for you to apply online, and indicate your availability for that specific event.


When you get to the login screen the first time, bookmark the page (save to ‘Favorites’) so you don’t have to type the address each time. Then, use your USTA ID (also known as ‘Umpire Key’) as your User ID, and your USTA membership number as your password, to log on to UMP. NOT case sensitive.

Your USTA ID can be found in the USTA Address Book Online. It is usually the first four letters of your last name, plus the first letter of your first name (unless someone else’s name would yield the same USTA ID (in which case they normally add a sequential number). For example, Jim Flood’s UserID is FLOOJ


If you receive an email from UMP, inviting you to apply for an event, log in to UMP and click on the ‘My Invitations’ link on the left side of the screen (the menu). Click on the ‘Event ID’ of the event. Read about the event and if interested, click on the ‘Apply for this event’ button. Fill out the ‘Event Application’ screen and click on the Submit’ button. If NOT interested, please click on the ‘Decline’ button, so that the Coordinator (Chief) of the Event will know that you got the Invitation, but are not interested. You can include a note, if you want to explain further.

An ‘Invitation to Apply’ is NOT, repeat NOT, an assignment! If you Apply, and are Assigned, you will be sent a new email from UMP, directing you to log in and either Accept or Decline the assignment. When you Accept, you are committed to the event.


To find other events you might be interested in, click on the ‘Event Search’ link on the far left side of the screen (the menu).

Make no selections on the Event Search screen, just press the Enter key on your keyboard, or click on the Search button at the bottom of the page (i.e., don't limit your search). All events that have been entered into the system (in your Section) will be presented to you. Right now, Southern California is using UMP to assign officials to most of their events. Other Sections are beginning to use UMP, as well. Events are added constantly, so check back often! To see ALL events in the system, first click ‘ALL’ in the ‘Section’ box.

Click on the ‘Event ID’ of the event for which you want to see detailed information. Click on the ‘Apply for this Event’ button to apply for that event. On the next screen, click on the appropriate date(s), and then click on the ‘Submit’ button.

If you would like to use this website (UMP) to create and manage ‘Events’ in your Section, contact Jim Flood to obtain ‘Coordinator’ status in UMP.


Explore the site, Update your Profile information, Indicate your availability, or non-availability, Search for events, upload a headshot photo of yourself to your Profile, apply for events, check out the Newsletter links, etc.

There is a time-out feature (for security reasons) that takes you back to the Welcome screen if you have not had any activity on UMP for a period of time.


CRITICAL: Click on the ‘Update Profile’ menu link and update any information you can. Click on each tab at the top of the screen, and enter whatever fields you caBEFORE n. Click the ‘Submit’ button after updating the information for each tab going to the next tab, or your update will not be applied. Update incorrect or incomplete information that you may find, as well. If your information changes over time, update it here. Keep your information current!


Umpires can also locate UMP Profiles of other officials in the database by clicking on the ‘Umpire Locate’ menu item, and typing in part of a first or last name. It will even find a person by nickname, if it has been entered in their Profile. Try it!


Click on ‘Newsletter’ to see information pertinent to your USTA Section, and for links to other officiating related sites (e.g. the Honig’s uniform ordering site). Check out the Southern California Newsletter link, to see the kinds of information that could be put in by your Section Administrator.


  1. To make multiple selections from a list of items, hold the ‘CTRL’ key down as you click on each item.

  2. To de-select an item, hold down the ‘CTRL’ key while clicking on the highlighted item you want to de-select.

  3. After selecting an item from a drop-down list click in a white area of the screen, or on another item, or button.

  4. If you scroll, using the mouse wheel, after selecting an item from a drop-down list, but before clicking in a white area of the screen, your selection will change.

  5. When you first get to the ‘Login’ screen, before you log in, add that screen to your ‘Favorites’ (i.e., bookmark the page) so you won’t have to type in the UMP address each time.

  6. When entering a phone number, just enter the digits, including area code. UMP will format the number for you, in most cases.

  7. ‘Remember Me’ will remember your UserID, but you still have to enter your Password each time.

  8. You can change your Password to something easier to remember than your USTA membership number if you like. Just click on Update Profile, and make the change. If you forget your new password, just email Jim Flood to have it re-set back to your USTA membership number. If you don’t know your USTA membership number, Jim can give it to you.

  9. The items on the ‘Event Search’ screen can be used to help you shorten the list you will get on the ‘Search Results’ screen. If you select ‘USTA’, ‘Other’, and ‘Non-Sanctioned’ from the ‘Event Type’ box (see #01 above), you will not get the ITA, ATP, WTA, etc. events on the ‘Search Results’ screen. Caution: Don’t limit your search TOO much, or you get nothing. . .

  10. Underlined items on a screen are usually links to another screen. Click on the underlined item (usually a name or title, etc.) to go to another screen that gives more information, or allows you to apply, etc.

  11. On the ‘My Availability’ screen, clicking on a date changes it to ‘red’, indicating you are NOT available. Clicking it again removes the ‘red’, indicating that you ARE available. ‘Orange’ and ‘Green’ are put in by UMP, and indicate that you are pending or confirmed for an event.

  12. On the ‘My Availability’ screen, make SURE you click on the ‘Update Availability’ button BEFORE clicking on the ‘Forward’ or ‘Back’ links, or your updates, if you made any, will be lost.

  13. On the ‘Update My Profile’ screen, make SURE you click on the ‘Submit’ button BEFORE you click on another tab, or your updates, if you made any, will be lost.

  14. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments about UMP. This website is for YOU, and we want to make it useful for you.


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