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As a new member of our association, we want to assure you are provided the information and tools needed be successful as a professional Tennis Umpire.  Here in San Diego, our professional standards are high.  We have numerous opportunities to work high level tournaments in the Adult, Junior and College arenas.


Tennis officials must be members of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). To join, click here.

You must also contact Anthony Montero (, who is in charge of recruiting. He will need the following information to enter you into the system:

  1. USTA Membership #

  2. Full Name

  3. Home Address

  4. Home Phone

  5. Cell Phone (and carrier)

  6. Email Address

Obtain a "Friend At Court" (FAC). This is the bible for tennis officials and is an essential for your training. You can get an FAC from Anthony Montero (, or from the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA).

Anthony Montero will also enroll you in a half-day New Official's Clinic. The fee for the clinic is $20.00.  At this clinic you will receive:

  1. Friend At Court (FAC) if you have not received on already

  2. Information on techniques for roving, chairing and calling lines.

  3. Information on how to access and use the Umpire Matching Platform (UMP) system.

  4. SDCTUA Rates and Fees schedule

You must also join the San Diego County Tennis Umpires Association (SDCTUA) to be able to work in the San Diego area. The annual dues are $30.00 per year (This amount is retro-active depending on what time of the year you join the association).   We require the completion of a membership application.  More info on becoming a member. You may mail in your application and payment (noted on the form), or you may attend our monthly meetings (see below) and submit them at that time.


Upon completion of the training clinic/school, you are required to train for 4 days
(32 hours), without pay, at local tournaments, with an approved experienced tennis official (a mentor), as a Roving Official. You will "shadow" the mentor for the entire training period, and should not be left alone. The mentor will show you proper procedures, observe you in action, and give constructive advice.

All assignments are made through the coordinators of the Association.  More info on Training.


Our membership meets every other month on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Balboa Tennis Club’s clubhouse.  During our meetings, our coordinators pass around sign up sheets for work in local tournaments. 
More info on meetings.


SDCTUA and the USTA have a strict dress code.  Uniforms are available at .  If you receive an assignment for training prior to receipt of your uniform, you may wear the khaki pants/shorts with a solid navy blue collared polo style shirt. More info on Uniform Standards.

All members should remember, that when in uniform you are representing SDCTUA and the USTA Professional Umpires Association.  As such, you must adhere to The Official’s Code of Conduct as outlined in the Friend at Court

In San Diego County we require that all officials who work in uniform be paid through the SDCTUA. 


The following is a brief list of the basic "equipment" needed to be a roving umpire. There are many more items you will need in the future, but the following are the essential items:

  • Handheld Stopwatch

  • Metal tape measure (42–72 inches)

  • Large size coin (Quarter, Half Dollar, etc.)

  • Sunscreen; Sunglasses

  • A notepad and a pen

  • Friend At Court (FAC) book


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